TEDxSaxionUniversitySalon Crossing Borders

29.06.2017  | 12:45-17:00 hours  | Train Enschede <-> Münster

What is the impact of borders and what kind of borders are relevant to you? And if you were a border, what would you protect? Join TEDxMuenster and TEDxSaxion June 29 in this first cross border event, organized in a special train between Enschede and Münster!

TEDx Crossing Borders

Borders are present in our lives in several ways: physical, mental, cultural, geographical, political and social. We all have personal borders we would never cross or that frighten us somehow. All over the world, borders are a hot topic again. Being so close to the German border made us want to rethink our own borders with our friends from TEDxMünster. 

When? June 29, 2017
Where? Enschede <-> Münster
What time? 12.45 – 17.00 hours

Tickets: limited, all seats are taken

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