Is Conscious Business your minor?


In today’s world businesses tend to solely focus on the maximisation of profit as were it the only indicator for success. But is this true?

Is Conscious Business your minor?

Should the actual wellbeing of people not be the measure of things? And should responsibility for a sustainable planet not also be part of ‘success’? As believers in an ‘economy of meaning’ we feel that the impact on people and planet should be an integral part of what we call ‘success’.

Students that choose the Minor Conscious Business will:

  • become aware of their deepest driving forces and unique talents;
  • learn how to make use of tools and models available to a ‘marketer of meaning’ in order to gain an in-depth understanding of an organisation’s ‘raison d’ être’;
  • experience how to use their strong points to create more meaningful organisations;
  • improve their debating skills;
  • learn how to translate an identity into a realistic brand promise and plan of action;
  • learn that true value can only be created inside-out and based on inclusion.

Watch the video of conscious business and who knows you are so interested that you want to follow this minor!

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