Are you ready to cross some borders? Tomorrow’s world, India


This minor takes you to India! "Tomorrow's world, India" focuses on what India has to offer the world and what the world has to offer to India.

This minor is 100% co-created with a group of fourteen students, to ensure that you’ll have an outstanding experience. All forecasts estimate that India is destined to be a leading country in years to come, even distancing China in terms of technological advancements and economic growth. Yet what do we really know about India and its multi-faceted population? What can we learn from this rich culture? What impact will India have on the world?  

The minor will answer these questions from five perspectives: Technology, Education, Business, Society and Health. Besides this you will start a self-development journey embracing the best of India's culture including meditation, the art of happiness or principles and yoga. This part of the minor, where you learn not only about India but also about yourself, helps you to be well prepared for your upcoming stay in India.

All students will travel to India!

During your stay you will work in India for 6 to 8 weeks on a Live-In-Labs project in a multi-disciplinary team. In advance you choose one of the five perspectives mentioned above, and you will focus on this in your work-experience in India.

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