Co-creation, IT & Research

PeriodKwartiel 3-4, Kwartiel 1-2
CampusEnschede, Deventer
Max participants
ContactEtto Salomons | | 06 - 2249 0677
Type of minorC: Toegankelijk voor één hbo-opleiding (HBO IT, BIM, INF)

Co-creation and IT-researchThe motto of the minor Co-Creation, IT & Research is "Get Ready for a Smart World". We live in a world that rapidly changes; technology becomes increasingly important and working in interdisciplinary teams is a must. Because of this, each Saxion student should have experience in working together with students from other programmes.

The main part of the minor CITR consists of participation in the Saxion-wide Smart Solutions Semester project (SSS project). Teams of 4 - 6 students with different backgrounds work together on problems and assignments that regional companies and Saxion research groups bring in.  The web site shows example projects.

The problems that teams work on are often complex and do not have a straightforward solution. Because of this, most projects have a considerable research component. As the project teams consist of both international and Dutch students, the main language is English (unless all team members are Dutch).

Besides the project, 5 credits must be earned by following elective courses. One possibility is, to follow one of the minor's elective courses. Another possibility is to take on-line lessons or classes from another study programma that helps you to prepare for your project assignment.

In order to take this minor, you must satisfy the following admission criteria:

  • you should have obtained your first-year diploma, and
  • you should have earned at least 45 credits (or 75% of the total number of credits) from your second year.

If you do not satisfy these criteria, you may nevertheless ask the Exam Committee for permssion to enrol. Please make sure you do this on time, as checks to ensure that students satisfy the admission criteria are performed during the second week of the semester (1.2 or 3.2). If you do not satisfy the criteria and have not obtained permission from the Exam Committee, you will not be able to take part in the minor.

Experts from different fields will work together more closely in future in undertaking research, development and design. This minor enables students to gain experience in working in multidisciplinary teams.

The minor consists of a Smart Solutions Semester project (worth 25 credits) and one elective (worth 5 credits). The topics of the electives are “Smart Cities”, “The Art of Visualisation” and “Living with Robots”.

Course activities include formulating research questions, conducting research, writing a research report, analysing the domain area, designing and performing an assignment, drafting the appropriate documentation, and communicating with the client and other stakeholders.

The assessment method used for the Smart Solutions Semester project is described on Blackboard. The electives are compiled each year. The HBO IT Curriculum Committee describes these electives in the education plan.

Etto Salomons
06 - 2249 0677