PeriodKwartiel 3-4, Kwartiel 1-2
Max participants60
ContactLukas Malec | | 06 - 5378 3458
Type of minorC: Toegankelijk voor één hbo-opleiding (Only accessible for Creative Media and Gaming Technology (CMGT) students)

SkilledDuring the minor Skilled you choose one skill or a set of skills you have acquired in the first 2 years and you want to focus on and develop further. The result of the minor will be a product, or better said masterpiece which shows off the high level of skill(s) you have acquired or further extended. The minor offers a independent yet structured approach for achieving this and offers guidance in the form of coaches which will monitor the planning, quality and execution of the desired set of skills and products. You will meet your coach once per week to report progress and discuss the planning.

This is an English-language minor. You are self-directed and work in study groups. The end result is a showcase product and a detailed description, in form of a report, of the work flow you have researched, including references to resources.

SkilledThis English-language minor is intended exclusively for CMGT (i.e. KnT, AnT, GE and GDP ) students who, in accordance with the examination regulations, are entitled to embark on their internships.





SkilledThe minor Skilled allows you to work on a specific skillset. It encourages you both to take a systematic approach to researching the workflow, tools and knowledge required for a specific skillset and to adopt a professional attitude to your work. The result is outstanding content for your portfolio and an increased level of self-discipline. 

The student is guided by a coach helping him through the process and who is responsible for the grading. The coach also provides generic contextual guidance but not necessarily specific expertise. It is the student’s responsibility to consult other staff members or industry experts for specified expertise and feedback.



SkilledYou pass through the following stages during the course of the minor:
Stage 1: analysis (knowledge-gathering)
Stage 2: design & work flow (defining and designing the product and work flow)
Stage 3: production (creating the product and implementing the work flow)
Stage 4: quality & accountability (validation and exposure) 

Each of these stages takes up about 4-5 weeks. You are grouped together with other students in accordance with your chosen topic (since there are so many various topics this cannot be guaranteed). The course timetable includes both guided and unguided lab-hours during which you work and learn together in study groups. Each stage is concluded with an evaluation in form of a presentation. The evaluations will influence the final grade.

The activities you perform are largely self-directed. You plan your activities and pursue targets individually, assisted by your coach and peers.

An evaluation session is held about every four weeks, during which you have an opportunity to present your achievements, logbook and the planning for the next stage.. This session is led by your coach. Your final grade is based on an assessment of your final product, in which the previous evaluations are taken into account. Furthermore you have to document your process and deliver at the end a documentation report of at least 15 pages.

"In my experience minor skilled is very useful and helpful to enhance or get more professional skills. You can emphasis on individual or multiple tasks and can jump deeper by searching and practicing. Good thing about it that you get full freedom of working in different platforms by your choice according to the demand of the creative industry. Moreover you feel confident and learn how to plan your complete project independently."

Lukas Malec
06 - 5378 3458