Crossing borders for Health Professionals

PeriodKwartiel 3-4, Kwartiel 1-2
Max participants30
ContactArjan van der Salm | | 06 - 5576 8284
Type of minorB: Toegankelijk voor enkele hbo-opleidingen (Students from (para-)medical (Nursing, Physical Therapy, Podiatry, ...) and social work studies can join this minor.)

This minor focuses on the international exchange of professionals in the field of health and wellbeing. A good understanding of patients or populations coming from other cultures and their contexts is essential. 

You will learn to find and evaluate differences between your own cultural values and profession and those of your international partner i.e. patient, population, client or professional, both in fairly similar as well as very different intercultural contexts. Close evaluation will result in the question: what do I learn, as well as a professional as for my field of work, from other contexts? What elements do I consider to be valuable additions to me as a professional and to my profession?

Students in Health and Wellbeing studies can start this minor. 

Especially students who are curious about travelling and working in other countries to discover cultural differences and similarities. Students should be keen on trying to overcome the differences to enhance international cooperation. Meeting other nationalities is fun.

Accessible to the studies:

  • FYS Opleiding tot Fysiotherapeut Enschede Voltijd (50002177)
  • FYS International Class Physiotherapy Enschede Voltijd (50002179)
  • VPK Gezondheid & Technologie Enschede Voltijd (50002345)
  • VPK Opleiding tot Verpleegkundige Enschede Voltijd (50002344)
  • VPK Opleiding tot Verpleegkundige Deventer Voltijd (50002349)
  • POD Opleiding Podotherapie Enschede Voltijd (50002285)
  • SW Euregionaal Enschede Voltijd (50009637)
  • SW Social Work Enschede Voltijd (50009635)
  • SPH Sociaal Pedagogische Hulpverlening Enschede Voltijd (50002309)
  • SPH Sociaal Pedagogische Hulpverlening Euregionaal Enschede Voltijd (50002313)
  • MWD Maatschappelijk Werk en Dienstverlening Enschede Voltijd (50002261)

The goals will be to learn to work within the cultural differences and, in spite of or thanks to these, be able to make joint decisions and promote positive health in a relationship of equality with the client. You will learn to work together with people of other nationalities, including the detection of cultural differences and communication in the context of health. 

Additionally, you will go abroad to practice these aspects and get to know other health systems in order to reflect on your own. The first half of the minor includes lectures and workshops. The second half of the minor will be spent abroad.

The first half of the minor consists of lectures, training sessions and workshops of which most are offered as remote learning. The second part consists of an affiliation abroad.The minor consists of the following modules;

  • International health system analysis – research: Research and comparison of one western and one non-western health care system (population, funding formula, debate, government policy);
  • Thematic project at home: An assignment aligned to the themes of the readership of the School of Health based on and requiring professional health care knowledge;
  • Intercultural health interview: Based on the themes of positive health, a motivational interview with a client, coming from another culture;
  • Period of clinical affiliation of 13 weeks abroad:
    • Research of one of the five themes of the readership of the School of Health in another country in relation to the readership,
    • Working together with clients/ professionals with other nationalities within your profession,
    • An assignment, based on the wishes of the clinical affiliation, requiring the implementation of the knowledge of international professional health care and commanding communication in other cultural contexts. The assignment will lead to an innovation in the context of the clinical affiliation.


  • Research product about International health system analysis (5 EC);
  • Product about Thematic project at home (5 EC);
  • Performance assessment - Intercultural health interview (5 EC);
  • Period of clinical affiliation of 13 weeks abroad:
    • Product about The School of Health’s health themes in an international setting (5 EC),
    • Criterion-based interview about Reflection on intercultural competence of the student (5 EC),
    • Product about Health project on the spot (5 EC).


Arjan van der Salm
06-5576 8284