Positive Psychology & Technology

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Fascinated by human behavior? Positive psychology uses a new language in thinking about human behavior; positive psychology focusses on enhancing effective patterns of behavior, cognitions, and emotions, not on the treatment of disorders or diseases. This broadening minor focuses on human possibilities and impossibilities in an ever faster changing environment. Change that is largely driven by new technology. How can Positive Psychology and Technology facilitate optimal experiences (‘flow experiences’) and psychological well-being?

High-tech innovations are the order of the day and affect every part of our society and personal life. Yet for many people it is a real challenge to learn to acquire these new technologies and to make use of all the possibilities they offer. This raises interesting questions about the learning process people go through and how to improve it. Positive Psychology and Technology gives you the opportunity to develop tools, to learn about these processes and helps to increase awareness of strength, self-efficacy, well-being, self-regulation and resilience of people in a changing world.

Also curious about the synthesis of technology and positive psychology? Then Positive Psychology & Technology is the minor for you!

The minor is suitable for both part-time and full-time students who have passed their first year. Proficiency in English is preferably at level C1 as described by the CEFR, but at least at level B2. Part of the application procedure is writing a letter of motivation in which the students indicated why they wanted to take part in the minor program.

This minor is not accessible to students who enrolled in the Applied Psychology program from the year 2016-2017.

Application for non-Saxion students

  • Before registration through Kies op Maat, please contact saxion-minoren.ama@saxion.nl and ask if there are any remaining open spots.
  • Make sure your learning agreement has been delivered to Saxion before the application deadline.

This minor is only offered part-time with sufficient students.

What causes users to quickly embrace one technology and reject another? When designing technology, which factors do you need to take into account? Which learning styles and personalities are more efficient when it comes to dealing with technology? How do we handle an information overload? Can we actually multitask and if not, (how) can we learn? How can we use technology to stimulate healthy behavior? How can we enhance effective patterns of behavior, cognitions, and emotions? How can Positive Psychology facilitate optimal experiences (‘flow experiences’) and psychological well-being using technology? How can we increase awareness of strength, self-efficacy, well-being, self-regulation and resilience of people in a changing world.

Is intuitive design essential for effective use of technology? And what ethical questions do the ever increasing technological possibilities raise? This minor, based on current insights from positive psychology and cognitive psychology, will provide you with the answers.

You will gain knowledge of current models, methods, instruments, best practices and theories in the field of human-technology interaction, usability testing, design and ethics. During the minor you will:

  • Acquire knowledge through a series of (guest) lectures, practical assignments, literature, discussion and an applied research project;
  • Develop ethical insight through discussion and writing an essay.

After having completed the minor you can:

  • Develop tools, explain and apply methods to increase awareness of strength, self-efficacy, well-being, self-regulation and resilience of people in a changing world.
  • Describe with what technology people will be confronted now and in the future;
  • Describe the psychological mechanisms involved in dealing with technology;
  • Carry out empiric research in a group of respondents to see how people experience and appreciate a particular technological innovation;
  • Present research results;
  • Link human characteristics to their experiences with and appreciation of the use of technology;
  • Reflect on the ethical limits of technological innovations.

The minor consists of the following courses:

  • Psychology & Technology: state of the art
  • Positive Psychology
  • Usability design
  • Persuasive Technology
  • Research & Project management
  • Masterclasses: guest lectures by professionals in the field of psychology & technology
  • Ethics: ‘Mind the Gap’
  • App prototyping
  • Research project: developing, implementing or evaluating technology in a psychological setting

You'll prepare and join classes, both theoretical and practical. Furthermore, you'll make assignments outside of classes (independent study time) in groups as well as individually. Finally, over the course of this minor program you will (learn how to) plan and execute a research project. We expect students to be curious, interested, pro-active and goal-oriented.

The various course components will be assessed in different way: assignments, reports and tests.

Relevant literature
The bibliography can be found at Studystore.nl at the start of the minor.

Elsbeth de Joode
06 - 1263 7161

Paulien de Haas-Nikkels
088 - 019 3947