Innovative leadership

PeriodKwartiel 3-4, Kwartiel 1-2
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Type of minorA: Toegankelijk voor elke hbo-opleiding (see 'Target group')
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Innovative leadershipIf you think of yourself as a leader in an organization, what does that look like? Do you picture yourself innovating organizational structures? Speaking to people from various cultures on a daily basis? Using creative processes to select the employees of the future? Or coaching your colleagues to discover their strengths? 

Are you curious about your own capabilities as a leader? Then the minor Innovative Leadership is a great choice for you!



The minor is suitable for full-time students who have passed their first year, with the exception of Saxion AMA HR&BM students.

Application for non-Saxion students

  • Before registration through Kies op Maat, please contact and ask if there are any remaining open spots.
  • Make sure your learning agreement has been delivered to Saxion before the application deadline.


During this minor we take you on a leadership journey that shows you the paradoxes and challenges leaders are dealing with nowadays. In the world around us new technologies are taking over and employees and leaders are expected to be creative and innovative. Leaders need to work together with people from various cultures, unlimited by time zones. This new reality means that leaders need to be flexible, creative, think innovatively and motivate the human capital in an organization.

The paradoxes are related to the following questions:

  • How can you inspire and communicate without manipulating? 
  • How can you motivate change and still value the traditions in an organization? 
  • How can you claim room to be creative and still be efficient and effective?  

Within this minor we work in an interdisciplinary team, with lecturers and trainers from different fields and studies. We also work with leaders and managers from organizations, so you will gain insight in the world of your potential employers. Our aim is to bring you in contact with internationally focused organizations as their next leaders. The minor is based on recent studies and theories and focuses on how, as a leader, you can optimize human capital and how you can deal with rapidly changing technology.

In this program you will learn to be an Innovative Leader by being a:

  • Credible Activist (being pro-active and trustworthy);
  • Strategic Positioner (interpreting context and customer);
  • Capability Builder (crafting a culture that stimulates innovation);
  • Culture and Change Champion (initiating and sustaining change);
  • Human Resource Innovator and Stimulator (optimizing human capital);
  • Technology and Media Integrator (improving and integrating HR and communication with technology and media).

You’ll be working in groups, individually, in class and within real organizations dealing with real life cases. The courses are highly focused on developing skills, but have a solid theoretical foundation.

The minor consists of the following courses:

  • The Bright and the Dark Side of Leadership
  • Flexible Management
  • Psychology
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Leadership Communication
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Traditional versus Innovative HRM

Theoretical exams and assessments.

Relevant literature
You will study the literature that is given to you during the lessons. You will also receive a list of books at the start of the minor.

Adrianna Sokal
06 - 1252 9670