Industrial & Sustainable Building

PeriodKwartiel 3-4
Max participants25
ContactTwan Rovers | | 06 1248 0099
Type of minorB: Toegankelijk voor enkele hbo-opleidingen (Bouwkunde, BTB, TBK, IPO)
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Industrieel Bouwen, gebouw in aanbouwIn this minor, we will discuss two aspects of sustainable and industrial construction:

Raw materials and waste
A lot of raw material is used in the construction phase of building projects. In fact, more than half of all raw materials in the Netherlands are used in the construction industry. On the other hand, the construction industry is also responsible for huge waste streams that occur during construction, refurbishment and demolition.

By dealing not linearly, but circularly with materials, elements and components, raw materials are reused and the amount of waste is reduced. By industrial construction, we reduce the amount of required labour and equipment.

Energy and comfort
During the use phase of the building, we use large amounts of energy to maintain a comfortable indoor climate (heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting). Governments impose ever stricter requirements on the energy efficiency of new buildings. How do we arrive at (nearly) energy-neutral buildings?

But let us not forget about the existing building stock; many of the seven million dwellings in the Netherlands are in need of energetic renovation. How do we achieve a large-scale, cost-effective energetic renovation of dwellings and what role can modular construction/prefabrication play in this?

This minor is meant for fulltime students Bouwkunde / BTB / TBK / IP / WB.

To participate in this minor, we require you (1) to have passed your first year of one of the above bachelor programmes and (2) to have completed at least 45 ECTS in your second or third year.

In teams, you will work on an assignment from practice. You will learn:

  • The principles of industrial building and its effects on sustainability, efficiency and quality.
  • To work with concepts related to sustainability, e.g. circular building, C2C, energy-neutral buildings, etc.

Besides the subject matter, you will learn:

  • Research skills, design methods and systems engineering: How do you organize your project in a way that it yields useful results?
  • Collaboration: Both within your team as with other stakeholders. Empathy and good communication skills are essential.
    Presenting: How do you present your results in an informative, convincing manner?

This minor runs in the second semester (feb. – july). The largest part of the minor comprises project work (80%), for which we collaborate with the Saxion research groups Sustainable Building Technology & Material (SBTM) and Duurzame Leefomgeving, and several regional partners.

Besides the project work (four days a week), you will attend lectures, tutorials and excursions (one day a week).

You will be assessed on your project report, and the manner in which you have incorporated the information from lectures, tutorials and excursions in your project work.

Twan Rovers
06 1248 0099