Community Development

PeriodKwartiel 1-2
Max participants16
ContactBastienne Bernasco | | 06 - 4559 2743
Type of minorA: Toegankelijk voor elke hbo-opleiding
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expeditionCommunity development seeks to empower individuals and groups of people with the skills and technologies they need to effect positive change within their communities. In this Minor, students work on a community development project. The project is commissioned by a company that wants to improve the lives of people in their ecosystem. By designing services and solutions using smart technology and business principles, the project creates positive economic and social impact.

As members of the project team, students will gain knowledge and skills for project management, human centered service design, entrepreneurship, creativity, technology and innovation. These skills are valued greatly in any business that wants to empower communities.

The client for the project is based abroad. The project team works in Deventer, and a two-week field research is carried out on location. The project starts with a challenge, or wicked question. The 2019 project takes us to an organic fruit-producing cooperation in a mountainous region in Serbia. In this region, young people tend to move elsewhere because they cannot make a sustainable living. The wicked question is: “How can we support young members of the cooperation to develop sustainable livelihoods in this region?”

ExpeditionCommunity development stands for adventurous, dynamic and explorative learning. The ideal candidates are typical expedition members, i.e. open-minded, inquisitive people who can withstand pressure, are excellent team players, flexible and eager to travel.





You are trained to deliver tangible service solutions and demonstrate these as workable prototypes.






This minor trains you in developing service solutions to improve prosperity in communities. The solutions for community development seek to improve the quality of the lives and work of people  and to develop the capacities of individuals and groups in their local networks. You are trained to do design thinking research, a method which focuses on the end user and is used in many companies and communities. The data from the research are translated into persona, representatives of the target group. Then you will design prototypes of creative and innovative solutions for the people we work for.

  • In Quarter 1 there are 20 contact hours per week in Deventer.
  • End of Quarter 1 there is a 2-week field trip to Serbia.
  • In Quarter 2 there are 14 contact hours per week in Deventer.

Activities include (guest)lectures, field trips in the Netherlands, workshops for design, creativity and technology, field research in Serbia, designing prototype solutions, presentations etc.

Test 1: Presentation about hospitality and community development
Test 2: Project Proposal
Test 3: Prototype
Test 4: Team Reflection Portfolio

There are 20 classes a week on average during the first half of the minor, and 14 classes a week on average during the second half. In october there will be a two-week field trip to Serbia, to carry out research among the community we work for.
The project in Serbia involves 220 farmer families who produce organic red fruit for Toppas.

Activities include lectures, workshops, field trips, creative workshops, technology workshops, scrum, expert meetings, field research and building prototypes of the services we design.

Do you have questions? Please contact drs. Bastienne Bernasco: 06 - 4559 2743. 


Bastienne Bernasco
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