Management Internship

PeriodKwartiel 3-4, Kwartiel 1-2
CampusDeventer, Apeldoorn
Max participants
ContactTatiana Alekseeva |  | 06 - 455 929 28
Type of minorB: Toegankelijk voor enkele hbo-opleidingen (HBS)
Non-qualifying coursesBusiness Management Studies

Management IntershipA management internship is an educative semester realized within a hospitality industry related organization. The semester provides students with opportunity to develop selected management skills, deepen expertise in professional topics and apply obtained knowledge to investigation of a management problem. The student is expected to identify a management problem within an organization and write an advice on how to solve it. 

It is an intense learning semester with content formed jointly by a student, a company mentor and a school supervisor. Recommended for the students considering employment within the industry directly after graduation.

This minor is intended exclusively for HBS students.

During the course of the minor, you can expect to:

  • broaden your business network;
  • deepen your knowledge of a given field;
  • develop your management skills;
  • try a role of an advisor to the management team;
  • learn how to make achievable plans within realistic time;
  • communicate with people at different levels.
  • perform under pressure;

These are essential skills that you will need in order to complete your graduation project.

Students are placed as interns within the companies belonging to the Saxion Business Network. Learning is realized through completion of various assignments and tasks within the internship organization. Learning is supported by an appointed company mentor and a schools supervisor.

Within the semester a student is expected to deliver three exam papers. One is focused on description of a management problem and chosen approach in finding solution and delivered in the first quarter of the semester.  Other is focused on personal and professional progress and the last one representing a solid advice to an organization on the chosen problem: both are delivered at the end of the second quarter of the semester.

Semester involves a lot of independent work, including study of academic and professional sources. Progress is monitored by a school supervisor.

There are three forms of assessment:

  1. Management case study: presentation of report
  2. Management skills: assessment of work performance
  3. Management report

Tatiana Alekseeva
06 - 455 929 28