Smart Embedded Systems

PeriodKwartiel 3-4
Max participants20
ContactChristiaen Slot | | 088 - 019 6368
Type of minorB: Toegankelijk voor enkele hbo-opleidingen (Applied Computer Science, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Mechatronics)
Non-qualifying coursesStudents must have passed at least 45 credits of the second year. Students from Software Engineering studies only allowed after entrance test.
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Everywhere you look nowadays, you see Smart Embedded Systems: a piece of hardware with software inside. Think of your phone, robots, Smart TV’s or any Internet of Things (IoT)-device. Most of these devices are built around an System on a Programmable Chip or small operating system and include smart technologies like image recognition or sensor fusing. 

In this minor you learn the basics of building these systems and how to make them smarter.  


This minor is allowed only for full-time students of:

  • Applied Computer Science
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EIE)
  • Mechatronics

You must have passed at least 45 credits of the second year. Students from Software Engineering studies are only allowed after an entrance test.

You will learn about the following aspects of smart embedded systems in this minor:

  • Building hardware systems with FPGA’s and SoPC’s
  • Operating Systems
  • Embedded linux
  • User interface design for small devices
  • Simple app-development
  • Security and IoT
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Digital Image Processing

The minor runs over two consecutive terms and consists of practical and theory modules besides a big project. Depending on already followed courses and previous knowledge (tested with assessment if needed) you may choose additional courses besides. Total credits must be at least 30 ECTS in total.


  • Project (12ec)
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing (3ec) or Operating Systems (3ec)
  • Embedded Systems (5ec)
  • Vision (5ec)
  • Security and IoT (5ec)
  • Cross-platform App development (5ec)

The assessment is based on a mix of practical assignments, group assignments, individual written and online examinations and a project assignment.

Christiaen Slot
088 - 019 6368