Digital Marketing (English taught)

PeriodKwartiel 3-4, Kwartiel 1-2
CampusEnschede, Deventer
Max participants20
ContactAndreas van der Weijde | | 06 - 8363 1559
Type of minorB: Toegankelijk voor enkele hbo-opleidingen (Accessible to some higher professional education programs (Full-time students who have passed the propaedeutic exam))

During this minor, the website or webshop is the central marketing tool. A digital strategy that helps you to achieve higher returns and higher positions in search engines.

Also making a website user-friendly and using online marketing resources are topics that will be discussed. Together with your team, you will create an ideal partner website with Wordpress or Magento for or


The minor helps you to get a better perspective on Digital Marketing. You can follow this minor in both Enschede and Deventer. 

The number of places is limited and we work on ‘first come, first served’ basis.



Getting a strategic advantage for your organization via Digital Channels, that's what this minor is all about. The possibilities of digital marketing are massive. From search engine marketing to social media marketing and from e-mail marketing to viral marketing. You will learn about these possibilities and how you can apply them in practical situations.

Thereby you will learn to determine the right digital strategy. Internet concepts such as search engine optimization (seo), search engine advertising (sea), usability and big data (Google Analytics) are discussed. You conduct research into the meaning and role of these forms of digital marketing. You also learn what is legally permitted when creating web shops.

In addition to gaining knowledge about internet marketing techniques, you will apply your skills, practically. In the first instance, you acquire knowledge about the digital landscape. Then you set up an internet strategy for your own or partner website. This minor works together with leading companies in the field of digital marketing from Twente, in the Netherlands.

With the modules Digital Knowledge, Digital Strategy, Digital Concept and Digital Marketing, you will earn the basics of Digital Marketing. By excursions, presentations and lectures you will get a broader view on each subject. The development, optimization and marketing of a webshop / website is part of the minor. By using the right strategies, you learn to achieve the highest possible conversion for your web shop.

The modules within the minor will be tested with written tests and assignments. At the end of the period, students need to do a final presentation for the lecturers and the specialists. Based on your performance in the minor, we determine via an assessment whether you are capable to answer questions as a Junior Digital Marketeer.

The students are positive about the minor, because it has a strong business related link. A student said: “You learn a lot in a short time and I can also use the knowledge straight away at my work”. The work is perceived as very high (approx. 30 hours a week).

Andreas van der Weijde
06 - 8363 1559