Tomorrow's world, India

PeriodKwartiel 1-2
Max participants20
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Type of minorA: Toegankelijk voor elke hbo-opleiding (All (in The Netherlands and abroad))
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The Minor "Tomorrow's world, India" focuses on what India has to offer the world and what the world has to offer to India.

All forecasts estimate that India is destined to be a leading country in years to come, even distancing China in terms of technological advancements and economic growth. Yet what do we really know about India and its multi faceted population? What can we learn from this rich culture? what is the impact of India to the world? 

The minor will answer these questions from five perspectives which are: Technology, Education, Business, Society and Health. For each perspective you will learn what the latest developments are from and to India.

Besides this you will start a self development journey embracing the best of Indian's culture including meditation, the art of happiness or principles of yoga to name but a few. The goal is to prepare you for the visit in India. To learn about the Indian culture and about yourselves.

Then you will travel to India and work for 6 to 8 weeks on a Live-In-Labs project in a multi disciplinary team in the subject of your choice (technology, education, sustainability,...)

This minor is 100% co-created with a group of 14 students so we know you will enjoy it because it has been designed by you!

Tomorrow's world, IndiaThe minor welcomes all students from all different Universities of Applied Sciences whatever your subject and wherever you are studying (The Netherlands or abroad). All we ask is that you are open minded and inquisitive to make the most of what we will expose you too. Travelling to India and contributing to the life of Indians in a rural village might get you out of your comfort zone. We expect that you are welcoming such challenge and will guide you during this process!

There will be an interview to assess your motivations to follow this minor. Please note that there are costs involved (travel, accommodation, visa, vaccinations,..).

For more information please check the presentation.

Tomorrow's world, IndiaYou will acquire a solid multi-disciplinary knowledge from different perspectives related to India and the rest of the world including: Technology, Education, Business, Society and Health.

For each perspective you will learn the latest of trends and developments and what will affect the future. From blockchain to new business models, traditional alternative health treatments like Ayurverda to how to be happy, from understanding cultural dna’s to how to reverse global warming to name but a few.

Guests lecturers from every speciality will provide top quality interactions.

The backbone of the minor is the self development program which is meant to reveal yourself as a person. Another aspect you will learn is to work with others abroad in a multi-disciplinary team in a real project affecting thousands of Indians. 

You can choose your project based on different thematic as follows:

  • Agriculture & Risk Management
  • Education and Gender equality
  • Energy & Environment
  • Livelihood & Skill Development
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Waste Management & Infrastructure

Each village has been carefully selected. We can guarantee the safety of our students in these villages who receive international students on a regular basis. 

A special attention has been given to the safety and health aspects of the participation to the Live-In-Labs in particular for women. Accommodation at campuses have been screened and checked by Saxion and arrangements have been made to ensure that the practicum will be performed the best environment possible.

Tomorrow's world, IndiaPeriod 1, Knowledge building (The Netherlands)
You will learn new ideas/concepts based on the five perspectives: Technology, Education, Business, Society and Health. You work either individually or in a group (max 4 people in a group)
Besides that, you take part in workshops, projects, excursions that have the aim to contribute to your personal development. The better you know yourselves, the better you are prepared for an international experience.  

Period 2, Practicum (India)
You will go to India and after an adaptation week  with a mix of business and leisure activities you will work up to 4 to 6 weeks with other students in a real life project in a rural village. You will be mixed with other International students as well as Indian students in a multi-disciplinary team where your skills and knowledge will be useful. You can choose your project based on different thematic. A Saxion teacher will be with you the first week to make sure that you are safe and settled properly. After that an Amrita supervisor will travel with the group to the village and will stay there with you. 


Assessment methods include Questions & Answers session (oral defence), Presentations, Portfolios, peer reviews, Essays and Video reportages. However this is subject to change. The development of the minor is based on the co-creation principles. You as a student will be involved in the development of the minor.

Maurice Braun 2nd year International Business School

“Being part of the creation of a minor is wonderful. Not only working on our education but also experience different cultures in the real world is a unique and educational chance in life. I am grateful to be able to contribute my student perspective to creating such a wonderful minor.”

Lotte Braamhaar 2nd year International Business School

“Besides the fact that you will get knowledge about five different domains (Technology, Education, Business, Society and Health), this minor will also give you a life experience that you will never forget”



Thierry Tartarin
06 - 1247 9021