Voorbeeldproject: Export Development Programme

Saxion University of Applied Sciences heeft inmiddels 5 jaar ervaring met een project dat vergelijkbaar is met "Cross Border Talent", namelijk het "Export Development Programme".  Enkele kernpunten van het "Export Development Programme" meegenomen naar "Cross Border Talent".
Net zoals in het "Export Development Programme" werken studenten bij het "Cross Border Talent" aan een internationaal vraagstuk, eerst als onderzoeker tijdens hun afstudeerfase en vervolgens als trainee in de uitvoering van de aanbevelingen.

Het "Export Development Programme" heeft 50 matches tussen studenten en bedrijven opgeleverd. 35% van de studenten zijn na deelname vast in dienst gekomen!

Hieronder leest u ervaringen van oud-Saxion studenten die het "Export Development Programme" hebben doorlopen.

Canan Öperli - Interactive Blueprints

My Name is Canan Öperli and currently I’m living in Deventer, the Netherlands. I have graduated from Saxion University of Applied Sciences with a Bachelor’s degree by finishing the International Business and Management Studies in 2014. I was born and raised in Germany just across the border to the Netherlands and my path led me to this beautiful place in Overijssel. The Saxion Export Development Programme gave me the chance to gather valuable experience during my final thesis, and as it turned out, even beyond.

I was matched with a small and innovative company located in Deventer, that was looking for a student to support their internationalization plans to Germany. Therefore, my final assignment was based on finding and planning the right way to enter the German market with its innovative digital solution for the construction site. The implementation of this planning has been part of the following traineeship, which turned into a permanent employment for me. Since 2014, we went through ups and downs with regard to our, initially their, expansion plans to Germany. Thoughts and expectations needed to be adjusted the more experience we gathered on the field and that resulted in a beautiful learning curve not only for the company, but also for me personally. In the first place, the match with the company Interactive Blueprints sounded interesting to me, but just within a few months this company even developed to be my ‘spot’ in my young professional phase. Not only our success on the German market, but also experiences and achievements on other international markets improved my self-confidence as a business woman, my problem-solving skills and even my technical understanding.

My application for the programme was initiated by my search for a company at which I would write my final assignment and eventually graduate from university. The offer of EDP seemed to be an advantageous deal, because I would be matched with a start-up company that is already looking for ‘me’ and in need of support for an important task, which needed to be implemented during a traineeship afterwards. I would work in an international environment, as I come from Germany I would have to adapt to a Dutch team. Which I actually didn’t. I was lucky to fit in just the German way I still am and it seems like they accepted me. Even the Dutch know, a bit of German Ordnung und Gründlichkeit can never be wrong and now I think the Dutch gezelligheid is something that shouldn’t be missing, either. However, I applied for the programme, because I was curious about the experience I would gather in a Dutch company going international with my help. I was looking forward to add value to the business and to achieve important company goals for which I would be responsible. After handing in my application I was invited for an interview with the organizers of the EDP. I was asked questions about myself and my studies and what I was looking for with regard to the final assignment. At the end of the interview they got a pretty complete impression of me and took leave of me with the promise to come back to me, which they did, I think, one or two days later. They had this company called Interactive Blueprints on their partner list, that was looking for a German student for international research and analysis. After I was introduced to the company by the EDP and they showed interest, I could contact them for arranging an interview appointment. Then I came to Deventer for the first time ever to have the interview and left with a positive feeling about the company. They felt the same way and called me the next day to offer me the job, which I accepted and didn’t let go ever since.

Thanks to the Saxion Export Development Programme as well as to Interactive Blueprints BV I could see my way to such a successful start of my professional career and I’m very happy about that. I definitely recommend to students to take advantage of this opportunity and start their professional career with a matching company, just as I did.  

Borislave Markova - Eaton Electrical

The topic of my graduation project, segment intelligence, wasn't a subject that was covered during the course at Saxion, which meant it was pretty hard work. Fortunately, I got a lot of support from my host company supervisors and my tutor at Saxion. The EDP matches companies and students very carefully, so that both parties get the best possible deal. 

After completig my one-year traineeship with Eaton, they invited my to stay on and continue my work on the same project. I was more than happy to accept, since they're a very good employer, with lots of opportunities for learning and working on your personal development. 

During the graduation project a plan of approach was developed and validated with the needs of the international organisation ' Segment'. During the trainee-phase this plan was converted into a regular reporting system. This system is still functioning. 

Frans Hollak(Commercial Marketing Director EMEA Eaton Electrial)
'Eation is a worldwide operating company which is constantly searching for young talents with an international mobility. The EDP provides in these students with an international orientation and background. The match between the student and company is worth the investment because of the effort of the EDP.'

In de filmpjes hieronder meer ervaringen van voormalige Saxion studenten en bedrijven. 

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