Export Expertise

Would you like to become an expert in the field of international business? Apply for the Export Expertise!

As of the 2nd academic year MIM Enschede we offer - as an additional programme – you an Excellence Track in order to teach you the specific export expertise, based on research as well as on actual practice. This programme consists of practical workshops concerning a variety of export related topics, visits to international corporations, practice focussed research and analysis at international companies. In this programme you are responsible to choose your own path within international business and you decide what the programme looks like!

This is a fully English-language programme with a 30-credit workload divided over three years. On average, it takes 5-6 hours to complete the programme, besides the standard bachelor programme. Students who successfully complete the programme are awarded with a designation stating that they are graduated with honours.

Maximilian Claessens, student of the excellence track Export Expertise:
“I can only recommend the Export Expertise programme. It is probably one of the most important aspects of the whole study for me, and made my study much more than an actual study. It provided very interesting, valuable insights, allowed me to work together with great people and companies, and definitely added a lot of fun to my study.”

Accessibility programme: open for all MIM students
More information: www.saxion.nl/exportcenter

Contact person
Nicole Scheffer (MIM) - n.scheffer@saxion.nl