Liberal Arts & Sciences: Global Citizenship

This honours program is for students who want to go on a quest into the world of past and present. In addition, we are looking for students who are curious and want to look beyond the boundaries of their own discipline. Inspired by meetings with (guest) teachers on philosophy, art, entrepreneurship and science, you will develop into a self conscious and critical reflective professional, prepared for the dynamic and rapidly changing world. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Global Citizenship offers you the opportunity to become a global citizen, able to contribute to society in an authentic and responsible manner. Here you will find more information about the programme.

Veerle Levering, student Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Citizenship:
"Every Wednesday we have our honours programme seminars for three hours. During this three hours, we get some explanation about the subject, like bildung, great books, etc. Most of the time this will be followed by a discussion about it or the discussion start already during the explanation. Everything we do during the seminars is useful for the final assignment. These assignments are different for every subject, most of the time four different ones, that we have during the year. The form of the assignments is mostly report about what we have learnt and how it changed us as a professional and personal. In these reports, you have a lot of freedom in what you focus on in it. We have a lot of different people in our group, but it gives a good vibe in the group. There is such a good vibe in the group that we had an amazing study trip to St. Petersburg with almost the whole group. Therefor I always look forward to go to the seminars!"

Accessibility programme: open to all first year students

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