Marketing & International Management: From Good to Great

This 3-year honours programme will not be available as of September 2017. It will become a 1-year programme. For more information please click here.

The honours programme From Good to Great, of the Academy of Marketing & International Management, is an extracurricular study programme intended for the best and most motivated students of Saxion. It offers an internationally focused programme, completely in English, in which ambitious students can invest more time in their personal and professional development. The programme gives in-depth courses on current topics and provides various opportunities to get acquainted with top managers and companies; it focuses on new business concepts, smart industry, philosophy, politics, international relations, leadership, cultural studies and more. Its main purpose is to give students an opportunity to develop themselves beyond the conventional boundaries of the regular study programmes.  

Bodine van Houten, student Marketing & International Management:
“The honours programme MIM has developed me in more ways than I could ever expect. We learn a lot about presenting, defending, creative thinking and all kind of other aspects that come with a marketing and international management sector. Aside from that it is really nice and educational to work with different students who are just as motivated as you.”

Language: English
Accessibility programme: open to all first year students

Contact person
Reinie Willemsen -